From 1975 to the present day, the story of Helvi S.p.A. is that of an Italian company with a strong international dimension, pursued throughout its growth, from its foundation to its entry into the Beta Group.

A manufacturer of industrial welding machines, plasma cutting machines, professional battery chargers and accessories, Helvi S.p.A. is headquartered in Sandrigo, in the province of Vicenza, and today employs more than 80 people, with a turnover of about 15 million euros developed more than 70 percent abroad.

In 2023 it became part of the Beta Group, Europe's leading manufacturer of tools and work equipment for specialists in mechanical engineering, industrial maintenance and auto repair.

Reliability is the key factor in our success: those who choose Helvi find reliability in our people and in every welding machine, plasma cutting machine or professional battery charger, whose components are chosen and tested down to the smallest details, so that they combine perfectly in products designed to guarantee the best performance according to high quality standards.


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