HELVI SpA – Introduces: “EVO – Bright Evolution”


During next international trade fair “Schweissen-Schneiden 2017”, Helvi S.p.A. will introduce to the welding world, the new concept “EVO – Bright Evolution”. EVO is the result of several years of R&D investment backed up by collaboration with demanding experts in the field.  EVO combines technological improvements both in Hardware and Software that has resulted in a complete range of Inverters capable of satisfying the most challenging users’ welding requirements.


The benefits of the new EVO range are:

  • Equipped with the newest Microprocessor generation
  • Use of advanced control algorithms that guarantees high welding performance
  • Faster reaction to electric arc variation and condition
  • New welding arc dynamics with reduced spatter
  • Possibility to weld all type of electrodes in all welding positions thanks to the new arc performance
  • Higher energy efficiency
  • New electronic input voltage control which allows a wider range of work
  • Automatic VRD to increase electrical safety and energy efficiency
  • Optional interface for remote control on either MIG or TIG torchs with the brand new interface Up/Down analog or digital
  • Optional Bluetooth® interface for Auto-darkening helmet T-Link® by Trafimet
  • Fast updating via USB port
  • Welding data analysis
  • TIG: new arc strike “SAFE START” function and Pulse frequency up to 2500Hz
  • PLASMA: longer consumable life and improved cutting performance and quality


With the brand new concept “EVO – Bright Evolution”, Helvi S.p.A. brings a higher  level of technology to a wide range of machines designed for professional use. Models that incorporate the EVO brand are:

  1. Compact MMA/TIG
  2. Multiprocess MAXITECH
  3. Multiprocess MULTITECH
  4. Plasma PC

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