New smart battery chargers VOYAGER


The New smart battery chargers VOYAGER Range is dedicated to all operators looking for a product for intensive use and suitable for all types of battery (Pb, Gel, LifePo3, AGM, Ca / Ca).

They are available in 4/8/16/24 Amp 12/24 Volt (Voyager 4 - 6 / 12V) output versions with maintenance, recondition and stabilized power supply functions.

For a correct check of the electrical system of your vehicle, the Voyager series is equipped with a Battery Status Test, Alternator Test and Starter Test.

The digital display makes the charger easy for anyone to use and the 9-step charging process optimizes your battery in the most efficient way.

Models Voyager 4 and Voyager 8 are protected with IP65 degree of protection and suitable for use in humid and dusty environments.

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