MAXITECH EVO: new software available!


We are please to inform you that we have available a new software update for Maxitech EVO range (version Maxitech 2.9).

The new software improves:

  • Arc feeling during welding;
  • Arc dynamic and precision in Synergic/Pulsed mode and Root Welding;
  • The existing welding curves
  • Software stability.

The new software also add the followings:

  • Possibility to download the “Excel chart – DATA LOGGER” to calculate the welding operator profitability;
  • New welding synergic curves with Mix Gas 92%  -8%.
New Software is available for models Maxitech 366C-356C-386-506.

The new software is free of charge and it can be easily upload via USB on the front panel. Please ask the new software to your Key contact at HELVI.

For more info contact:

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