Mattia Bross - 13/10/2020


The whole HELVI team and the Segala family are saddened to report that unfortunately on October 13th, 2020, one of our most talented collaborators passed away.
Mattia Broggi aka "Mattia Bross" left us too quickly and too young.

However, his art and his works will be remembered forever.

Just this year the IIW (International Institute of Welding) had included him among the best "weld artists" in the world with a photographic exhibition of his works during the event dedicated to the "WELDED ART PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION".
Mattia also created an international social group of welding’s fans called Weld Circus, which in honour of Mattia will continue to spread welding as an art form.
He also recently started working with the Italian national welding institute.

We are close to family and friends right now.
We want to remember him with his latest work, the greatest weld art ever made.

Thanks Mattia

Helvi Team and The Segala Family

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