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In the next months, new legislation will be introduced in the welding field, leading important changes on the type of products that can be distributed.
Starting from January 1st, 2023, the “Ecodesign” legislation will impose a limit on the energy efficiency of welding machines placed on the market. This will lead to the stop of the production and sale of most part of the "traditional" welding machines equipped with transformers (not inverter).

Due to this important change, HELVI S.p.A will introduce new products with high efficiency energy, such as the new UNITECH range: multi-process welding machines, manual and synergic, easy to use and designed for any welder.

In combination with the launch of the new product range, HELVI will start a style renewal process of the Tech line, in order to underline and to enhance the Industrial/Professional intended use.
With the introduction of the UNITECH range, the TECH red colour will be gradually changed to a more industrial and professional colour: the new Silver Gray EVO.

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