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Plasma cutters, based on Inverter technology, guaranteeing accurate and clean plasma cut. Easy to handle and operate, these systems are suitable for cutting materials at high speed. The available cutting modes are: continuous, grid, gouging and CNC. Possibility to set the cutting current and to adjust the air pressure in a simple and precise way thanks to the handy knob. The EVO plasma cutters can signal the lacking or excessive air pressure through dedicated LEDs located on the front panel.

Technical data
Plasma Torch H.70 (70 A) · H.FIT
Input Voltage (3ph)  400V  50/60Hz
Power 50% 11,8 KVA
Max input current 16,5 A
U0 380 V
Range 20 ÷ 65 A
Cutting current 65A @ 60%
50A @ 100%
Clean cutting capacity 25cm/min 22 mm
Max cutting capacity 26 mm
Severance 30 mm
Pierce 16 mm
Required air capacity 220 l/min @ 5 bar
Insulation H
Protec. Degree IP22S
Power Source (LxWxH) 195x495x395 mm
Power Source Box  (LxWxH) 345x645x440 mm
Weight box (machine + torch) /net  23,3 / 22,3 kg
Code 99835039K


Data Sheet (507.6 kb) Updated 01/09/2020
Instruction Manual (3.0 Mb) Updated 02/09/2020
Brochure Plasma EVO (967.4 kb) Updated 06/05/2022
Eco Design (296.5 kb) Updated 28/12/2020


CE EAC 3ph EN 60974-1 / EN 50192 / EN 60974-10 Air cooling Power generator friendly Line voltage compensation Display Plasma Plasma_Pneumatic Plasma_GridCutting Plasma_CNC Plasma_Gouging Plasma_Hfit

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