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PLASMA PC EVO 86 + plasma torch EP 126 + plasma torch EPT 106


lasma cutters, based on Inverter technology, guarantee accurate and clean plasma cut. Easy to handle and operate, these systems are suitable for cutting materials at high speed. The front panel is provided with clear and simple graphics for the adjustment of the cutting current and to indicate the intervention of any of the internal safety devices. Designed to work with either PT, ST or PH torches according to your cutting requirements. The use of ST/PH torches improves the maximum cutting performance and increases the speed at which the cutting can be achieved. Suitable also for cutting with small CNC machines thanks to the specifically designed interface (connector on the back side for torch trigger, arc on signal and arc voltage reference)

Technical data
Input Voltage (3ph)  220V  50/60Hz (3ph)  400V  50/60Hz
Power 60% 11,5 KVA 11,5 KVA
Max input current 31 A 21,2 A
U0 300 V 305 V
Range 20 ÷ 80 A 20 ÷ 85 A
Cutting current 85A @ 60% 85A @ 60% • 65A @ 100%
Insulation H H
Protec. Degree IP22S IP22S
Dimens. (LxWxH) 545x255x415 mm 545x255x415 mm
Box (LxWxH) 665x305x460 mm 665x305x460 mm
Weight box/net 39,6 / 38 kg 39,6 / 38 kg
Code ON DEMAND 99835031


Data sheet - PC EVO 86 (400.0 kb) Updated 01/09/2020
Manuale Istruzioni - PC EVO 86 (4.0 Mb) Updated 29/07/2020
Parts list - PC EVO 86 (702.0 kb) Updated 25/03/2020
Brochure Plasma EVO (967.4 kb) Updated 14/10/2020
Eco Design (296.5 kb) Updated 28/12/2020


CE EAC 3ph EN 60974-1 / EN 50192 / EN 60974-10 Air cooling Power generator friendly Line voltage compensation Display 50mm Plasma Plasma_Pneumatic Plasma_GridCutting Plasma_CNC Plasma_Gouging Plasma_Hfit

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