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Discovery 120Plus


A new range of completely electronic battery charger with no output voltage spikes, which can damage the vehicles’ circuit boards. Ideal for charging AGM, GEL, lead batteries, LiFePO4 and Start/Stop. The user has the possibility of setting the charge voltage and current to various levels based on the models. Nine-level current steps, ideal for cars, vans and small boats. Desulphation function and lcd display. Voltage selection (12 or 24V), nine-level current steps. Supply and maintenence function. IP65 protection against atmospheric agents

Technical data
Input voltage (1ph) 230 V - 50/60 Hz
Power 135 W
Battery voltage 12 V 24 V
Charging current 7.6 A 3.8 A
Rated Ref. Cap. 120 Ah 15h
Charging pos. 9
Machine (LxWxH) 235x100x60 mm
Package (LxWxH) 280x175x75 mm
Weight box/net 0,9 / 0,85 Kg
Code 99000083


Data sheet - Discovery 120 Plus (1.7 Mb) Updated 01/09/2020
Instructions Manual - Discovery 120Plus (2.4 Mb) Updated 21/11/2019


CE EAC 1ph EN 60335-2-29 / EN 55014-1,2 / EN 61000-3-2,3 Electronic control Waterproof LCD Display Automotive Chargers Chargers_cars Chargers_Van Chargers_Nautical Chargers_Tractors Chargers_Desulphation Chargers_Recondition Chargers_Low_Temp_Charge Chargers_Fast_Slow_Charge Chargers_Supply Charger_Maintenance Battery_pb Battery_Gel Battery_Ca/Ca Battery_AGM Battery_Start/Stop Battery_LiFePO4

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