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Discovery 250


A new range of completely electronic battery charger with no output voltage spikes, which can damage the vehicles’ circuit boards. Ideal for charging AGM, GEL and lead batteries. The user has the possibility of setting the charge voltage and current to various levels based on the models. Nine-level current steps, ideal for cars, vans and small boats. Desulphation function and lcd display. Voltage selection (12 or 24V), nine-level current steps. Ideal also for Lithium batteries (LiFEPO4).

Technical data
Input voltage (1ph) 230 V - 50/60 Hz
Power 300 W
Battery voltage 12 V 24 V
Charging current 16 A 8 V
Rated Ref. Cap. 250 Ah 15h
Charging pos. 9
Machine (LxWxH) 295x125x75 mm
Package (LxWxH) 340x215x90 mm
Weight box/net 1,4 / 1,2 Kg
Code 99000083


Data sheet - Discovery 250 (329.5 kb) Updated 02/09/2020


CE EAC 1ph EN 60335-2-29 / EN 55014-1,2 / EN 61000-3-2,3 Air cooling Electronic control Waterproof LCD Display Automotive Chargers Chargers_cars Chargers_Van Chargers_Nautical Chargers_Tractors Chargers_trucks Chargers_Desulphation Chargers_Recondition Chargers_Low_Temp_Charge Chargers_Fast_Slow_Charge Chargers_Night_Mode Charger_Maintenance Battery_pb Battery_Gel Battery_Ca/Ca Battery_AGM Battery_Start/Stop Battery_LiFePO4

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