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Explorer 130


PERFECT FOR BATTERY SUPPORT DURING DIAGNOSTIC AND REPROGRAMMING Our new multi-process battery charger EXPLORER 130 is designed with the latest inverter technology and its fully connected. Capable of charging up to 120Amp. It can charge 12V batteries, both Lead (Gel, AGM, Liquid, Calcium) and Lithium (LiFePO4). Perfect as equipment to support the battery during diagnostic (reprogramming) or showroom needs. 4 Operating Modes: Charge: for 12 V Lead (Gel, AGM, Liquid, Calcium) or Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries from 5 to 12500 Ah • Diagnostic: battery support function up to 120Amp for 12V batteries during the reprogramming of the vehicles’ PCBS or during diagnostic test • Showroom: provides the battery with current compensation when using the electrical accessories of a demonstration vehicle • Tester: possibility to test the vehicle’s battery. Alternator test or boosting test. Automatic Charge: Model Explorer 120 is equipped with an “Automatic Charge” mode which allows to extend the battery life and performance. The software in charging mode has 2 different charging curves between Lead and Lithium batteries. 8 step charge for Lead and 9 step charge for Lithium batteries. Advanced Modes: In addition to the functions listed above, the Explorer 130 battery charger has advanced modes such as: "Auto-detect" charging process that allows the start of the charge in automatic mode • "Auto-restart" function: in case of power failure the device restarts from the stop point • Calibration function in case of charging cables over 5 meters (8 meters max) • 11 customizable profiles: possibility to save customized profiles according to the user preference Other Features: USB port: Possibility to add, cancel or change the charging modes thanks to USB devices. Possibility to extract data for analysis. •• 100% safe: it has various control and safety systems. Protection against short-circuits, reverse polarity, overcharging. Equipped with temperature sensor to prevent electronic part overheating • Shockproof and anti-vibration structure • Without external ventilation. Advantages: silent operation and no infiltration of dust or dirt from the outside

Technical data
Input voltage (1ph) 230 V - 50/60 Hz
Power 2600 W
Battery voltage 12 V
Charging current 120 A
Rated Ref. Cap. 1500 Ah 15h
Charging pos.
Machine (LxHxW) 330x130x292 mm
Package (LxHxW) 405x215x385 mm
Weight box/net 10,5 / 6,5 Kg
Code 99000085


Data sheet (231.0 kb) Updated 22/11/2021
Instruction Manual (2.8 Mb) Updated 22/11/2021


CE 1ph EN 60335-2-29 / EN 55014-1,2 / EN 61000-3-2,3 Electronic control LCD Display Automotive Chargers Chargers_Bike Chargers_Van Chargers_Nautical Chargers_Tractors Chargers_Heavy equip Chargers_trucks Charger_Forklift Chargers_generators Chargers_timer Chargers_Desulphation Chargers_Supply Charger_Maintenance Battery_pb Battery_Gel Battery_Ca/Ca Battery_AGM Battery_Start/Stop Battery_LiFePO4



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