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Power Up 8.0


12V multifunction portable starter High Efficiency LiPo Lithium Battery 3 functions available: Booster 12V, Power Bank, Emergency LED light Capable of starting all 12V vehicles up to 3.5L gasoline cars USB port for charging electronic devices (mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players etc.) Equipped with short-circuit protection, overload, over-discharge, polarity inversion, over-voltage ABS structure with V0 fire rating Long service life: over 1000 operating cycles

Technical data
Input 5V 2A
Output 5V 3A · 9V 2A
Output Quick Charge 5V 2.1A
Output Jump Start 12V
Battery capacity 8000 mAh 
Full charging time ± 2h
Start current 200 A
Peak current 500A
Operating temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
Dimension 156 x 83 x 29 mm
Weight 350 g
Code 99005067


Data sheet - Power Up 8.0 (1.9 Mb) Updated 16/12/2019
Instructions Manual - Power Up 8.0 (1.8 Mb) Updated 26/02/2020


CE EAC 1ph EN 60335-2-29 / EN 55014-1,2 / EN 61000-3-2,3 USB Automotive Starters Starter_PowerBank chargers_Internal_lithyum_battery charger_torch_light charger_compact_size


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