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UNITECH 368 + H4


The UNITECH range has been created to simplifying the adjustment of the welding parameters, facilitating the welder’s job. Each function and parameter can be easily managed and configured thanks to the simplified control panel. UNITECH machines are designed to be used in Manual MIG mode. However, ynergic programs can be activated and selected from the front panel. Thanks to the high Duty Cycle and the user-friendly control panel, the HELVI UNITECH range is the perfect replacement for the “old” generation transformer welding machines. Versions with separate feeder are equipped with a new generation wire feeder, whose high precision avoids potential annoying wire jams, making welding even more stable and precise. The innovative “SPEED SPOT” function, available on all HELVI UNITECH versions, guarantees perfect spot welding in MIG mode on any material. The HELVI UNITECH range already complies with the new regulations for Eco Design standards.

Technical data
Input voltage (3ph) 400V - 50/60Hz
Power 60% 9,2 KVA 9,2 KVA 8,5 KVA
No load output voltage 45 V 70 V 12 V
Amp. min-max  30 ÷ 350 A 20 ÷ 300 A 10 ÷ 350 A
Duty Cycle 40° 350A @ 50%
320A @ 60% 
250A @ 100%
300A @ 50%
280A @ 60% 
250A @ 100%
350A @ 50%
320A @ 60% 
250A @ 100%
Steel 0,8 ÷ 1,2 Ø mm    
Stainless steel 0,8 ÷ 1,2 Ø mm    
Aluminium 0,8 ÷ 1,2 Ø mm    
Flux core 0,8 ÷ 1,2 Ø mm    
Brazing 0,8 ÷ 1,0 Ø mm    
E  Ø   1,6 ÷ 6 Ø mm  
Electrode type 6013 - 7018 - CrNi
Insulation H
Protec. Degree IP23S
Machine (LxWxH) Generator 250x610x440 mm
Wire feeder 240x560x460 mm
Trolley  460x1000x800 mm
Package (LxWxH) Generator 295x765x505 mm
Wire feeder 290x680x470 mm
Trolley  305x1060x360 mm
Weight box/net Generator 31,8 / 30,15 kg
Wire feeder 17 / 15,5 kg
Trolley 21,0 / 19,2 kg
Code 99855019K


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