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Compact EVO 280 AC/DC

Compact EVO 280 AC/DC KIT Trolley + Water cooler


New inverter generators designed for AC TIG aluminium welding and DC TIG welding for steel. HF (high frequency) or Lift-Arc ignition feature. MMA mode also available. Thanks to the inverter technology and microprocessors, the welding process is controlled at all times, guaranteeing excellent welding dynamics and optimal arc ignition. The new COMPACT EVO AC / DC series is equipped with a simple and intuitive control panel. Thanks to the touchscreen technology, welding parameters can be set quickly and easily. It is however possible to set the machine using the two knobs on the panel. 3 user interface modes: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Possibility to memorize up to 99 programs. In TIG mode the following functions are available: • Slope up (from 0 to 10 seconds), Slope down (from 0 to 10 seconds), pre-gas (from 0 to 25 seconds) and post-gas (from 0 to 25 seconds) • synergic post-gas • possibility to set the initial and final current time • base current, current 2, initial and final current both in absolute value and in percentage with respect to the main current • PULSED TIG ideal for welding on thin thicknesses (frequency adjustable from 0.1 to 5000 Hz), with adjustment of base and peak current and duty cycle throughout the frequency range. • AC process with rounded square wave to reduce arc noise while preserving welding quality • TIG MIX AC function, which allows you to alternate between AC time and DC time • ‘TACK’ function, which allows joining two flaps with high penetration, speed and precision As for the MMA mode, the adjustable parameters are the Hot Start and the Arc Force. There is also the VRD function required for use in high-risk environments. Possibility of remote adjustment by manual controls, by foot pedal or by Tig up-down torch.

Technical data
Input voltage (3ph) 400V - 50/60Hz
Maximum Power 9,2 KVA 9,2 KVA
No load output voltage 55 V 55 V
Amp. min-max 5 ÷ 250 A 5 ÷ 250 A
Duty Cycle 40°C 250A @ 50%
230A @ 60%
200A @ 100%
250A @ 40%
210A @ 60%
190A @ 100%
Pulse Frequency 0,1 ÷ 5000 Hz  
AC Frequency 2 ÷ 200 Hz  
Ø Electrode - MMA 1,6 ÷ 5 mm
Ø Electrode - TIG 1,0 ÷ 3,2 mm
Electrode Type 6011 - 6013 - 7018
Cast Iron - Aluminum - CrNi
Insulation H
Protec. Degree IP22S
Machine (LxWxH) 255x530x460 mm
Package (LxWxH) 300x695x510 mm
Weight box/net 33,5 / 32,0 Kg
Code 99815046


Manuale Istruzioni AC/DC (3.2 Mb) Updated 10/06/2020
Data Sheet (891.9 kb) Updated 01/09/2020
Brochure Compact EVO AC/DC (801.5 kb) Updated 06/05/2022
Eco Design (296.5 kb) Updated 28/12/2020


CE EAC 3ph EN 60974-1 / EN 60974-10 Fan on demand VRD Power generator friendly Line voltage compensation AC/DC LCD Display Touch_screen 50mm Remote control - 12 pin Remote TIG Torch 12 pin USB Heavy Duty Save&Reacall 99 Analog Digital remote control MMA TIG - 12 pin MMA MMA_ArcForce MMA_HotStart MMA_AntiSticking MMA_Rutile/Basic MMA_Cellulosic/Aluminium TIG TIG_LiftArc TIG_HF_HF-Start TIG_Pulse TIG_multi_Setup_Level_3_steps TIG_Mix_AC_DC TIG_Roundsquare TIG_Tack_function

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