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Galileo TIG 175 HF

Galileo TIG 175 HF KIT Aluminum Case


Inverter power sources designed to meet the needs of the most demanding users. Easy-to-use both in STICK welding and TIG welding with HF start. Model 175HF is equipped with an user friendly front panel where you can select 2T/4T, Tig slope down, MMA arc force.

Technical data
Input voltage (1ph) 230V - 50/60Hz
Power 60% 4 KW 4 KW
No load output voltage 60 V 60 V
Amp. min-max  5 ÷ 160 A 5 ÷ 160 A
Duty Cycle 40° 160A @ 25%
100A @ 60%
160A @ 25%
100A @ 60%
Ø E 1,6 ÷ 4 mm -
Electrode type 6013 - 7018 -
Insulation H
Protec. Degree IP22S
Machine (LxWxH) 400x140x245 mm
Package (LxWxH) 490x180x335 mm
Weight box/net 9,4 / 8,81 Kg
Code 99805980


Data sheet- Galileo 175HF (1.6 Mb) Updated 21/11/2019
Spareparts list (187.9 kb) Updated 21/11/2019
Instruction manual (1.4 Mb) Updated 21/11/2019


CE 1ph EN 60974-1 / EN 60974-10 Air cooling Line voltage compensation Electronic control DC 50mm TIG_PostGas MMA MMA_ArcForce MMA_HotStart MMA_AntiSticking MMA_Rutile/Basic TIG TIG_HF_HF-Start TIG_SlopeDown TIG_2T-4T

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