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Panther 152


Single-phase portable MIG welding units with cooling fan. Polarity can be reversed to weld using cored wire without shielding gas. Equipped with torch, earth cable, cored wire spool. Well suited to weld without shielding gas and pressure reducer. The 152 model is equipped with wheels. The reel holder accepts spools from 1 to 5 kg

Technical data
Input voltage (1ph) 230V - 50/60Hz
Power 60% 2,4 KW
No load output voltage 18 ÷ 28 V
Amp. min-max  30 ÷ 145 A
Amp. 60974-1 20%  130 A
60%   75 A
Adjust. Pos. 4
Steel 0,6 ÷ 0,8 Ø mm
Stainless steel 0,8 Ø mm
Aluminium 0,8 Ø mm
No gas 0,8 ÷ 1,0 Ø mm
Insulation H
Protec. Degree IP22S
Machine (LxWxH) 680x350x470 mm
Package (LxWxH) 565x320x400 mm
Weight box/net 28 / 27 Kg
Code 99405021


Data sheet- Panther 152 (1.3 Mb) Updated 10/07/2017
Spareparts list - Panther 152 (107.0 kb) Updated 10/07/2017
User manual (2.0 Mb) Updated 10/07/2017


CE 1ph EN 60974-6 / EN 60974-10 Air cooling Conventional DC MIG MIG_WireSpool_1-5Kg MIG_Gas/No Gas MIG_Plastic wire feeder 2 rolls_mini MIG_RollsGroove_06-08


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MIG torch - 2m - Black - Direct connection

MIG torch - 2m - Black - Direct connection

cod. 23000086

Plastic welding mask

Plastic welding mask

cod. 21905064

Ground cable with clamp - 1,8m - 10mm2 - 120Amp

Ground cable with clamp - 1,8m - 10mm2 - 120Amp

cod. 43210108

Extra accessories

Pair of MIG/MMA professional welders gloves

cod. 21905086

Pair of MIG/MMA professional welders gloves

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